Why women experience bald female patterns in their 20s?

Female pattern or androgen alopecia baldness affects women the same way it affects men. However, in women, this medical condition mostly occurs in the mid-20s. Women start losing hair, mainly in the forehead or top of their scalp. This could be a traumatic experience for young women that can trigger stress, anxiety, and other mental conditions if not resolved at the earliest.

There is no one particular reason behind pattern hair loss in women. Many factors add to the medical condition known as androgenic alopecia. Let’s discuss the major ones with their possible treatments:

  •      Hormonal deficiency

The female body is complicated and undergoes several changes during different life phases. When a woman is in her 20s, the changes are drastic and influence their whole being. To be specific about hair, menstruation, pregnancy and other hormonal changes stimulate scalp diseases like alopecia and frontal alopecia.

By keeping a proper diet, following an exercise regime, and staying stress-free can help you reduce the chances of hormonal imbalance.

  • Vitamin deficiency

The most nutritious vitamin includes D, E, K, B12, and C that promote hair growth and strength. If your body is not getting enough of them due to lack of proper diet or any other reason, your hair may begin to shed from the frontal scalp, resulting in hair loss in the 20s.

If you want healthy and strong hair, eat fish, leafy vegetables, meat, or supplements that are rich in vital vitamins. By doing this, women can reduce the chances of hair loss to a greater extent.

  •      Hair products

Every hair expert suggests keeping minimal usage of shampoo, hair mists, or conditioner. Many products are overloaded with chemicals that can damage healthy hair and sensitive scalp too. Meaning, hair loss on the top and front of the head can happen by using abusing hair products.

These are some top reasons for female baldness in the 20s. If you’re suffering through the same, then get in touch with us today! Please click here.


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