Debunking Non Surgical Hair Replacement Myths

Hair replacements have become a trend in the market. Hair loss or thinning leads to baldness be it, men or women. According to experts, 60% of men and 50% of women face hair loss issues due to a variety of reasons. Hair replacement can be accomplished in a surgical and non-surgical way. And many of us have misconceptions concerning hair replacement in a non-surgical way as every clinic has its own set of treatments. However, few procedures and techniques used in non-surgical hair replacement are quite common.

In this blog, we’ve unveiled common hair replacement myths with some facts:

The hair replacement system is synonym to hair wigs

In general, even the question of what is a hair system and what it is not has increased confusion among individuals. A hair system is tailored for the individuals, made of human hair by weaving into an excellent, utterly breathable base membrane. On the other hand, wigs and hairpieces are non-customized, low-quality hair, which is less-comfortable and heavier.

Hair replacement treatments impact your lifestyle

You can maintain your lifestyle as it. Hair replacement treatments give you the confidence to walk freely by giving your natural-looking hair back. It will impact your lifestyle, but positively.

Hair replacement irritates your scalp

A big “NO”! Non-surgical hair replacements are pain and allergy-free. So it will never irritate your scalp at any point. In the case of surgical treatments, you may come across such issues.

Hair replacement is expensive

If you’re taking a surgical way for hair treatment, then it will definitely cost thousands of bucks. But in the case of non-surgical treatments, you’ll be first guided about your situation and then suggests a suitable therapy as per your hair health condition. It is usually inexpensive and the best way to get out of the hair loss issues.


With hair replacements, you can live a healthy life without any hassle. Try VTC because when you choose the right partner for hair replacement, things become quite seamless, and you could feel the change. For further queries, please click here.


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