At Vivandi Trichology Center, we understand the need for swift, practical hair loss and scalp irritation solutions. That’s why our main focus is to help manage and improve the physical and emotional effects of hair loss and scalp conditions.


When you get in touch with our friendly experts at our clinic, you’ll have a brief phone conversation that is intended to identify the nature of your concern.

Once we have ascertained the nature of your condition, we will talk you through our consultation process, pricing and any other relevant information that would be of value to bring to your consultation, should you decide to proceed to book an appointment.

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  • A potential client calls and asks for information on hair loss solutions, treatments and services.
  • Details are provided but a consultation will be recommended for an accurate diagnosis & a suitable treatment course
  • Appointment booking is done
  • Reception will call the client to confirm the appointment 1 day prior to the visit. An SMS reminder will be sent as well
Step 1
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Pre Consultation
Step 2


  • Client will fill up a form detailing their medical history, diet, lifestyle and hair care regime


  • The Trichologist / Hair specialist will assess the hair & scalp closely to identify the problem and discuss at length your medical history therefore establishing a diagnosis.
  • Hair/Scalp Scope Examination, imaging and analysis using SKL analyzer. Can take up to 45 minutes
Step 3
During Consultation
After Consultation
Step 4


  • The Trichologist will advise on the best course of action, and will recommend a personalized treatment plan based on the factors discussed.
  • Depending on the treatment course, the trichologist will initiate a follow up visit after 3 months from the 1st visit.


  • If the consultation includes a complimentary hair & scalp treatment, client will proceed to the treatment room and will be taken care by the hair technician.
  • The reception will discuss the treatment steps as prescribed by the hair loss specialist and will discuss allthe cost details.
Step 5
Step 6


  • Client pays at the reception for the consultation and the treatment products, if they decide to proceed with the treatment.
  • A follow up appointment will be booked 3 months after the initial visit to monitor the
    treatment progress.


Initial hair loss consultations are carried out by our trichologist. During the in-depth consultation period, we will investigate the cause of your thinning hair & any other hair & scalp anomaly through a microscopic hair & scalp analysis and we will then discuss the various options available to you.

Using our SKL analyzer, our trichologist will examine your hair and scalp closely and check if there are microscopic problems present. You will also be asked a series of questions aimed towards establishing the general state of your health. These questions will relate to medications, diet, family history, lifestyle and current hair grooming regime to better understand the circumstance of your hair loss.

To summarize we will develop an overview of your hair and scalp health in order to present an accurate diagnosis.

Upon completion of your initial diagnosis appointment, we will advise you if your hair loss condition is treatable and devise a suitable action plan. Treatments vary tremendously from person to person and are tailored specifically to your condition. We also aim to arm you with knowledge about your condition so you can understand all the possible factors and triggers that can exacerbate it.

At VTC, we offer an extensive range of hair scalp treatments tailor-made for each individual client. All our treatments are individually prescribed, and we work collaboratively with you to establish the right course of action.

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