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    If hair loss is caused due to a genetic predisposition, then the good news is there are no underlying health conditions that need to be treated. Female hair loss can occur anywhere between puberty or later on in your 40’s.non surgical hair replacement for women

    Signs of female hair loss rarely begin with a receding hairline, rather primarily on the top and sides of the head. It is rare that women will completely bald.

    If you are experiencing moderate to severe hair loss, you may be a suitable candidate for our newest product, Revive. This innovative, shave less system, can give you back your confidence with our revolutionized technology. Check out the Revive for more information.

    VTC Non-surgical hair replacement from VIVANDI Trichology Centre has the most cutting edge technology in hair loss, which gives you the look of your own growing hair. After a short consultation, you will be one step closer to the full, long, shiny hair that you’ve missed for so long.

    You will no longer have to worry about the sideways glances from others or your own self-consciousness looking in the mirror. Your VTC non-surgical hair replacement is 100% natural human hair, lightweight, breathable, secure, and individually customized to you, your life and your style.

    Our clients always tell us that their VTC non-surgical hair replacement is so easy to care for. Clients love that they can go swimming or take showers and never have to worry about their hair! VTC Hair Replacement is 100% natural to both the eye and touch.

    When you run your fingers through your new hair, toss you hair back, or throw it up in a bun, it will flow, fall and feel just like your own hair. The volume, body, and style that you once had, is finally yours again. Regardless of whether you’ve had minor hair thinning or total hair loss, VTC non-surgical hair replacements are the answer to your hair loss problems.

    Womens Non Surgical Hair Replacement AED 4,000 – AED 7,000