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    With VTC non-surgical hair loss replacement, you can walk away with a new head of hair that looks, feels, and acts like your own hair used to in less than a day. It’s the non-surgical solution to looking great again and getting the confidence of having a full head of healthy-looking hair.

    Our hair systems look natural from any angle and you can have the hair style you have always wanted. The systems are fully undetectable exposing what people will think is your scalp.

    Unlike wigs or toupees, our hair replacement systems do not blow off in the wind, and allows you to swim, go to the gym, skydive or undertake any number of physical activities (with no-one being any the wiser.


    When we receive your initial enquiry, we will offer you an appointment for an initial consultation which is free of charge and non-obligation.  Our hair replacement technicians will assess your hair loss and advise you with the best suitable option and discuss the outcome you wish to achieve.

    Our consultants will show you a range of available hair systems and explain the features & benefits of each type to make your selection easier. You will get an opportunity to feel the system & understand the hair integration procedure. Once you have made the decision to proceed, we will measure the area required to cover and create a template of the area of hair loss.

    Our hair replacement systems are tailor made to match all of your natural hair characteristics which blends 100% with your existing hair and make it undetectable:  it is customized to replicate your unique individual hair’s qualities based on your personal color, density and texture


    Fitting the hair system – We have experienced & highly trained hair replacement technicians to fit your hair systems and cut your existing hair and blend it with your new hair system to make it undetectable to sight and touch. We apply the hair system semi-permanently to your scalp using a medical grade adhesive and toxin free bond which holds the hair system in place comfortably and securely.

    We will provide you with basic training & after care to look after your hair systems so that you don’t have to incur additional cost to correct minor issues with your system. The whole procedure is pain free, non-surgical and takes less than 2 hours to finish.

    Periodical servicing of hair systems – In order to maintain the natural look of your system, periodical servicing of your system will be required every 3-4 weeks. We will remove it, clean it, cut your natural hair to blend with the system and re-fix it.

    AFTER CARE & LIFE SPAN – We have accessories & hair care products essential to style your hair and maintain your hair system at home. The life expectancy of a hair system is anywhere from 3-7 months. The durability is determined by a number of factors like the product specifications, base material, maintenance of the system and lifestyle of the wearer.