Hair Care Routine for Men: A Complete Guide

Hair plays an essential role in improving the overall look of men. No doubt men take more care of their hairs as compared to women and invest in expensive styling products. But eventually, they fail to take proper hair routine that nourishes and makes the hair strong enough. To help men keep a full head of hair, we’ve come up with hair care routine for all the men:

1. Dry your hair the right way

Most men dry their wet hair roughly with a towel without recognizing the amount of damage this causes to the outer layer of the hair and scalp. Drying your hair with forcefully can cause hair strands to break. And so you witness hair on your towel often.

We recommend you to pat dry your wet hair once you’re done with shaking out the excess water. This helps you to evade the problem of losing your hair. Best trichologists say that allowing your hair dry naturally will dramatically reduce hair fall problems. While natural drying can be a slow process, but it will significantly help if your hair is weak.

2. Don’t over wash your hair

Our next hair care advice is to avoid washing your hair regularly. Just because men have short hair, it doesn’t mean that you should wash it every time you’re in the shower. Using shampoo every day for your hair can make your scalp itchy and dry and weaken hair roots.

Two washes per week is more than enough to get rid of the dead skin, dirt, and excessive oils.

3. Keep your diet healthy

A healthy diet is the most crucial aspect of a healthy hair care routine. It is important that you consume foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients as they help in promoting hair growth and keep your scalp healthy as well.

Foods, which are rich in vitamins A, B, and D, help your skin glands create sebum. This oily substance moisturizes the scalp and keeps hair healthy.

4.  Say no to alcohol and smoking

As we know, a lot of men drink alcohol and smoke daily, but they are unaware of the negative impact on hair. Extreme alcohol consumption can ruin not only your hair but also your health.

On the other hand, smoking transmits toxins to your body, which damage hair follicles and hormones.

4. Trim your hair regularly

It is myth among men that ladies trim their hair to get rid of split ends. But even men should follow the same ritual. You can trim your 3 weeks stimulates hair growth.

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