Top reasons and solutions for men to get rid of hair thinning at crown!

In the past few decades, hair thinning at the crown has become a major problem among men. Many people confuse this condition with excessive hair loss which leads to baldness. However, hair thinning at crown means more fragile bald spots on the top of the scalp. This hair fall condition can be stopped amongst men if treated on time with the right treatment.

In this blog, we will share the top reasons that cause hair thinning at the crown and some effective ways to get back your hairs:


The common reasons that cause hair thinning at crown among males are iron-deficiency anemia. It is a situation in which a human body faces shortage of iron, causing hair thinning in the middle portion of the scalp. It makes the hair follicle cells sensitive and hence, these cells lose their power to grow new hair on the scalp.


  • Use shampoos that are designed to block DHT
  • Healthy balanced diet
  • Brush your hair gently

Radiation therapy can certainly cause hair thinning at the crown among men. The foremost reason for this problem is the sensitivity of our hair follicles to radiation. No doubt, radiation therapy kills cancerous cells but it also attacks healthy cells, including hair cells in our body.


  • Proper diet
  • Weather condition
  • Rest

Accept it or not, medication is also a significant reason behind the hair thinning at men’s crown area! We all know that medicines help us fight diseases but the majority of them come with side effects. Anticoagulant prescriptions such as heparin have few side effects whereas anti hypertensive medications like beta-blocker drugs and ACE inhibitors can irregularly lead to hair loss in some patients.


  • Home remedies
  • Propecia
  • Medicine change

The scalp may come across fungal infections that cause hair thinning, especially at the crown area of men. It is a situation in which fungi or bacteria penetrate through the hair follicles or damaged skin in your body and cause hair loss. There are many kinds of scalp infections that cause hair loss but infections like ringworm, folliculitis, dandruff, and scalp acne are the popular reasons behind hair thinning.

  • Home remedies
  • Wash scalp
  • Medications

The above-mentioned points are the causes and treatments of hair thinning problem at crown area among men. Our recommended treatments will help you to reduce hair thinning but don’t forget to consult the trichology center. Contact us today! Click here.


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