Non-Surgical Hair Loss Restoration

Over the years, we’ve all heard dreadful stories about awful hairpieces and unnatural-looking wigs. In comedy, these have become the butt of many jokes, but people suffering from hair loss are not laughing. Non-surgical hair replacement is a thought-provoking matter, especially for those who are considering to do it.


People who are struggling with alopecia must be cautious because the hair loss industry is filled with tawdry gimmicky products as well as scheming companies and so-called professionals who are more than happy to take advantage of vulnerable hair loss sufferers. Whenever you are looking at a solution to address hair loss, you must do so with utter care and caution. Non-surgical hair replacement is no exemption.


Non-surgical hair replacement can be a brilliant option for those who desire to have a fuller head of hair without the need to go under the knife. However, most people are uncertain on what to look for or what to watch out for when purchasing a hair unit. Majority of consumers who purchase non-surgical hair replacement would end up dissatisfied with the products they’re stuck with.

Vivandi Trichology Center understands these uncertainties and doubts. With over 17 years of experience in hair restoration, VTC is proud to offer cutting-edge hair restoration and replacement solutions designed to specifically meet the individual and unique needs of each client. VTC Hair Replacement systems are undetectable to both sight and touch because they use only 100% human hair, guaranteeing a natural look and feel.

Combined with the ability to match hair style, colour, thickness and texture to your original hair and the versatility to swim and shower in the system; VTC Non-Surgical Hair Replacement offers a solution to significant hair loss that provides remarkable and non-invasive results.

VTC offers complimentary, no-obligation and private consultation for non-surgical hair replacement. Call 04-335 3336 to schedule a consultation.


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