What are the major chemicals in shampoo & conditioners that cause hair fall

Hair is delicate and nobody wants to lose them, mainly unknowingly through hair products that consist of harmful chemicals. Well-recognized dermatologists globally, consider that the growth spectacle of strands of your hair in the in the shower or sink is the major cause of chemical shampoos. It requires quick medical consultation.

No doubt, it is absolutely normal to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day. But did you ever wondered that why you see so many hairs in the bathroom itself? No need to worry! We will clear all your doubts wit this informative blog explaining how chemicals in shampoos are gently eating away your hair:


Sulfate is the most damaging of all chemicals detected in hair products. Probably, sulfates are seen in car wash soap and engine degreasers. There are numerous types of sulfates but you must be aware of two major sulfates chemicals: sodium laureth sulfates and sodium lauryl sulfates.

Consider any shampoo and you will see innumerable actors advertising a good lather of shampoo in the shower. Typically, you would draw the outcome that foam and lather would be a good thing but that’s not the case.

These foams usually break down the proteins that our hair needs to grow and consume the protective oils of hair, which leads to drying and then breakage.


We would say table salt. Yes! That makes it a non-toxic and natural product, but there is a purpose why spending too much times in the seawater ruins your hair. It is none other than Sodium chloride can give you an itchy and dry scalp that can dry out your hair and make it fragile. 

Salt is good for the immune system, but it’s not good for your hair health. Its chemical formation begins to degrade your hair health.


Like any other beauty products, shampoo consists of chemical fragrances. They may smell amazing but these fragrances can actually cause a hormonal irregularity. Hair loss has been proven to arise from changes in hormone levels.

So, any time you choose to buy a shampoo just because it smells nice, think twice! 


The shampoo includes preservatives of which parabens are one. Parabens may present the origin of bacteria in hair products but look out for words such as methylparaben and propylparaben in the ingredients list. They are related to fragrances because of the influence they can have on a person’s hormones. Parabens are also connected to breast cancer.


Propylene Glycol has been labeled as skin trouble. Whilst it serves with the consistency of shampoo, propylene glycol is used to enable the scalp to sense other chemicals in shampoo. So, we are discussing a matter that works to get all the dirty stuff into your body!

If you’re suffering through hair loss issues, then get in touch with VTC and see the change.


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