How Smoking Can Cause Hair Loss?

There has been a large amount of published research identifying a connection between smoking and baldness in men.

Experts suggest that the reason why smoking causes hair loss is ‘multifactorial’.

Smoking has a negative impact on the circulatory system in the blood – the blood vessels of a smoker may not be supplying the hair follicles with enough oxygen and nutrients for healthy hair growth.

Also, cigarette smoke may damage the hair follicles’ DNA can cause an imbalance in the hair’s enzymes, inflammation of the hair follicles and fibrosis (scarring of the skin that can cause hair loss).

Smoking can also make the hair look dull, at VIVANDI Trichology Center, we offer nourishing and reconstructive treatments to restore the shine and health into your hair, inclusive of a head, neck and shoulder massage with our natural body butter PHB skin care line.

A study presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Conference in 2011 – found that being a divorcee, widow, heavy drinker or heavy smoker could cause hair loss and that heavy smoking is a ‘key contributor to female hair loss around the temples’. Stress could be playing a big part here too, but the research is thought-provoking nonetheless.

Another study – published in the British Medical Journal – indicated that smoking can make the hair prematurely gray. We also offer Salon in a Bottle, a cover up spray in a variation of light and dark shades giving men and women a quick solution without damaging the hair with repetitive coloring treatment.

Is your hair weak, dry & brittle?

Did you know that air conditioning can often cause this?

At VIVANDI Trichology Center, we often say that the hair is like a barometer of our overall health. It’s often the first place to suffer when – physically – we’re a little unwell on the inside but smoking won’t help prevent this so we’d recommend quitting immediately if you are suffering from hair loss, it will only help you to improve the quality of the hair and of course help growth.

If you are suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss and would like to know the treatment options available to you, please schedule a consultation with our hair loss specialist for a detailed evaluation of your hair and scalp condition.


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