Hair Loss Myth: Does Too Much Exercise Cause Hair Loss?

We lose our hair for so many reasons. If you were malnourished or rapidly losing weight, you might experience your genetic balding pattern which could have been stable before you started training in the gym.

Good nutrition is vital, but if your supplements contain any synthetic steroids, that would cause a speed up of your genetic hair loss pattern. Hair loss in men is fundamentally genetic and although some men do not ‘express’ their balding pattern, taking any form of supplements or steroids could be what triggers your genetic balding pattern.

So to debunk this hair loss myth, no, exercising does not cause hair loss. Natural over the counter supplements shouldn’t cause hair loss.

Unfortunately, the Internet is as full of misinformation. Weight lifting does not cause hair loss in men or women. The most common cause of hair loss in men is Genetic (male pattern baldness) or androgenic alopecia (AGA). It is not the testosterone (or even DHT). It is the genes that you inherited from your mother or father. If you have the genes for hair loss, then DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is one of the key hormones that will precipitate the male pattern balding.

Revivogen MD is a product set offered exclusively VIVANDI Trichology Center that impacts the way DHT works by competitively blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT at the target organ (in this case the target organ is the hair follicle). Many online sites take this information and infer that since DHT is derived from testosterone, that an increase in testosterone will cause you more hair loss. This logic is a myth and human biology does not work that way. You have to look at the main underlying reasons for hair fall (which is genetic).

If you are not confused about this and want to know more, visit VIVANDI Trichology Center for a detailed analysis and personalized treatment recommendation by our hair loss specialist.


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