Hair loss is a universal that affects both men and women and can undesirably affect & crash your self-esteem. Because of the fear surrounding hair loss, there are many myths about the cause of hair loss. Here are a few myths about hair loss that you should stop worrying about.

1. Hair Loss Is Passed Down On The Mother’s Side

Not true—at least not fully. The most important gene determining baldness appears on the X chromosome, and men have only one X chromosome, which is from the mother. However, several other genetic factors can cause hair loss. In fact, research suggests that men who have a bald father are more likely to develop male pattern baldness than those who do not.

2. Wearing A Hat Is A Cause Of Hair Loss

Putting on a hat typically does not causes of hair loss, but if you wear the same hat often, keep the hat clean and remember to wash your hair. Some evidence suggests that wearing a hat all the time, for cultural or religious reason for example, can trigger of hair loss. When wearing a hat, just make sure it isn’t too tight & there’s enough space for your scalp to breath.

3. Poor Circulation In The Scalp Is A Cause Of Hair Loss

This is exclusively false. Once you lose your hair however, your scalp requires less blood flow. But that just means that decreased circulation in your scalp is a result of hair loss, not a cause of hair loss.

4. Genetic Hair Loss Means Your Hair Will Fall Off In Large Portions

This doesn’t ring true. While certain factors, such as medication, can make hair fall out in volume, the most common cause of hair loss—genetics—more commonly results in hair thinning. This process of thicker hair being replaced by thinner, finer hair is called “miniaturization.”

5. Hair Products Such As Dry Shampoo, Gel And Hair Spray Are Causes Of Hair Loss

Again, false. The use of gel, hair spray and dry shampoo will not cause hair loss. Keep in mind though that certain hair procedures, such as chemical straightening, do cause serious hair damage or hair loss. Also, frequently pulling hair back tightly, and using products like hot curling irons, can speed up the process of hair loss.


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