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    Your hair loss treatment journey always starts with a consultation by a professional trichology center.non surgical hair replacement consultation

    At VIVANDI Trichology Center, we offer complimentary, confidential and no-obligation non-surgical hair replacement consultation to help you determine which solution is best for your individual situation. Every case is taken very seriously while keeping in view the condition of your hair before hair fall took over. This private consultation will also determine the specific circumstances from which your situation stems, so as to address it accordingly. Once the main cause of the problem is addressed, the chances of the condition occurring again are reduced.

    Our Image Consultants understand it is key to identify sources and factors in your lifestyle and wellness that can be important elements later on. We can also regard them as the contributory factors because at some point, it does make a difference to the scalp and hair. Once we determine how our range of both traditional and cutting-edge techniques can successfully alleviate your issues, we swiftly proceed to a design consultation taking into consideration the aspects of your existing hair.

    The purpose of the consultation here is to comfortably elaborate the procedure to you in detail to determine whether if you are ready for this miraculous treatment or not. Furthermore, based on the assessments of each specific case, our Image Consultant will tailor a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Plan that is explicitly proposed to suit the needs of your head and hair. Our Image Consultants, along with the team working on your case, are proficient in their field and you can always rely on them to find the best solution for you.

    Plus, since the consultation is complimentary, the decision of going ahead with the treatment suggestions is always yours. The history of the health of your hair is traced down so that our Image Consultants can look into the matter with precision and to minutely scan the symptoms that you previously ignored. The consultation is confidential, your data is saved privately and is not disclosed to anyone else to save you from an embarrassing situation.

    Our Image Consultants have handled countless patients and a diverse number of hair loss scenarios, so you will never have to question ‘Why Choose VIVANDI Trichology Center?’, because we know that are the right ones for the job.

    At VIVANDI Trichology Center, we want to provide with unequalled support to address your short and long-term goals in order to enhance your Non-Surgical Hair Replacement care, including the education and tools to prevent undesirable conditions from arising with your hair unit afterwards.

    Even if you don’t have prior knowledge on the subject, you can ask Our Consultant to guide you with everything that you need to know about Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System, so that you know how this specific treatment can help with your case.

    Your privacy, choice, and privacy is our top concern, which is why VIVANDI Trichology Center discusses the system with you so as to guide you appropriately. We focus on presenting you with the real image that the treatment is likely going to present you with, so that you can be assured that this treatment is right for you. The non-surgical hair replacement treatment is recommended to a specified number of people, after verifying their pattern of hair loss, and other similar factors, so as to determine whether if they require this treatment or not.

    Through Consultation, by a profound Image Consultant, you can clearly see the difference that the system can have on your head. We support our patients according to the needs of their scalp and hair in an attempt to ensure that this treatment works just right for them. In addition to that, you should know that it is a long-term system that is implanted onto the individual, which is why it requires you to think it through before you agree to it. After all, it is not just a hair treatment that you are agreeing to, it is the decision that has a huge impact on your personality.

    Choosing the right hair replacement option is definitely one of the most important decisions you will ever make regarding your appearance, your self-esteem, and how others see you. VTC understands this, which means you only receive unparalleled customer service and privacy.