Why instances of hair loss are increasing among women?

Female hair loss is much more common than what everyone thinks– and from what we have observed in our hair loss center, there has been a significant rise in hair loss amongst women during the past years. This could easily be due to the fact that the subject of hair loss has become more expressed, and so more women are voicing out and seeking help. However, changes in lifestyle, increased average lifespan, diet, how we style our hair and use of birth control pills could be main factors.


Stress can, through an elaborate course, multiply cortisol levels and initiate and or aggravate hair loss and hair thinning in some individuals. If you’re relentlessly on the go and not taking any time to wind down, your demanding lifestyle could indeed be wreaking havoc on your hair. We have heard of people who have experienced their hair falling out as a result of an extreme situation or distress and this is sadly, all too true. Hair loss will continue as long as the period of stress, but it can be reversed once the stress is managed and dealt with. Another fact is that stress can cause or trigger outbreaks of dandruff – and dandruff has been proven to exacerbate hair loss in some cases.

Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are nowadays being used more substantially– even among younger women. While some birth control pills are able to help slow down or stop hair loss and thinning, others can bring about it.  The latter contains androgens (male hormones), which can trigger hair loss in women with follicle sensitivity

Eating habits

Unhealthy and restricting diet regimes are, regrettably, still a popular thing today– and every year a new fad emerges; from juice fasts, baby-food diet, to no-carb or no protein meal plans and crash dieting. Even more alarmingly, obsession with shedding weight is seen among younger and younger age groups. Rapid weight loss can certainly cause hair loss. Deprive a body, regardless of shape or size, of essential daily nutrients, hair is the last tissue it will prioritize.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are now more in demand than ever. It can look particularly natural, are offered in more salons, and are also popularly worn by celebrities worldwide. While hair extensions can look gorgeous and are fine if done on occasion, long-term use can cause hair loss. This kind of hair loss is called ‘traction alopecia’ whereby the hair is pulled from the follicle by a constant external weight.

Life Expectancy

Hair loss may also be on the rise merely because people are living longer. Hair thinning is normal in all individuals as they age, especially in women post menopause due to the decreasing estrogen levels. Certain medical conditions and inferior health also tend to be more in older age groups – and general health and well-being plays a crucial role in the maintenance of hair growth.

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