Is your hair replacement system ready for summer?

Taking care of your hair unit during the hot season

If you’ve just recently had your hair replacement system fitted or you’re seriously considering wearing one, you may not know that the way you care for it in the colder and hotter seasons will differ. The warm and humid summer days can make maintaining your hair piece more challenging and you may need to take extra care if you’ll be going on holiday. However, following these few simple tips will ensure that your hair replacement system will stay protected in the sun and last as long as possible.

How does the summer weather affect my hair replacement system?

Like the cold winter weather, the sun can also dry out your system’s hair and cause damage. However, prolonged exposure to the sun’s light could also fade the colour of your hair piece and sweating in the heat could weaken the strength of its bond.

The best way to avoid this is to try to stay out of the sun during peak times or keep in the shade when you can. If you’ll be in a warm climate or you cannot avoid being out in the sun, we’d advise keeping as cool as possible. Using ice or cold water to lower your body temperature before you re-apply your hair piece, will help prevent sweat and help it re-bond more securely. Allow roughly 10 minutes or until the bonding glue has gone clear, to create a stronger bond when facing summer weather.

You can also protect the hair from being damaged in the heat or chlorine water if you’ll be using swimming pools. When outside and exposed to the sun, a good way to protect the hair is by keeping it covered and secured in place with a hat or scarf. As well as protecting the hair piece from fading or drying in the heat it will also keep your scalp protected.

If you’ll be swimming it’s advisable to use a spare or old hair piece to keep your current one in the best condition. However if this isn’t an option, you can wet the hair and apply a deep conditioning treatment before you enter the water. This way, it won’t take in so much chlorine and dry out so easily. Afterwards, be sure to thoroughly wash the hair replacement system and use a leave in conditioner. Brush this gently through with a toothed comb or your fingers so as not to break the hair.

Maintaining your hair system

As with natural hair avoid using heated tools to style your hair piece in hotter dry weather, to help keep it looking good for as long as possible. Using a nourishing shampoo and keeping it conditioned will further prevent damage. If you have a human hair system, you can opt for shampoo and conditioner specifically for treating coloured hair. There are also spray-on conditioners and conditioning treatments that have UV protection in them, which will prevent the colour from fading and keep your hair replacement system looking its best.

If you’re unsure about the how to properly care for your hair system in summer, consult your hair replacement technician who can advise you on the most suitable products and maintenance tips. For any advice on maintaining and styling your hair replacement system, feel free to call us at 04-335 3336 or drop by at our office in Fairmont Dubai for a confidential consultation.


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