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    PERMANENT MAKE UPPermanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation is an effective cosmetic technique in which permanent pigment is implanted into your skin.

    This artistic, & specialized process involves embedding organic pigment underneath the skin to create a natural and permanent result to enhance or restore facial features. Permanent Makeup is also ideal for women who have lost or have sparse eyebrows as a result of alopecia, hair loss, chemotherapy; old age or genes.

    The pigments used are hypoallergenic, natural, and are available in a huge array of cosmetic colors as well as shades that complements your skin. These pigments are carefully & perfectly matched to your skin tone and is carried out by a trained SMP technician.
    Because of its long lasting results and numerous benefits, permanent makeup is rapidly becoming a popular choice for women around the world. Today, most women opt for this treatment to eradicate facial flaws and better their appearance altogether. The most common areas of permanent cosmetics are lips, eyeliner and eyebrows.


    Women who are not completely satisfied with the size, shape or color of their lips often go for this procedure. Permanent lip makeup can even out any asymmetries in your natural lips, add fullness & definition and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.

    Another beauty is that women who have permanent lip color can enjoy the convenience of not having to apply lipstick daily plus permanent make up allows them to choose their desired lip color from a wide range of lip shades.  They can go for vivid or bright colors, or if they want a more subtle, natural look, they can go for neutral shades.



    Eye, they say, is the window to one’s soul. Permanent Eyeliner make up defines and accentuates the eyes and makes the lashes appear longer and denser. In this procedure, your eye make-up technician will apply permanent eyeliners to seamlessly line the top and the bottom eyelids, if desired.



    They say, no look is complete without perfect eyebrows. Eyebrows are an important feature because it frames your face and bring out your eyes. A perfectly shaped eyebrow can give the effect of a face lift, creating a more youthful expression. The procedure for permanent eyebrow make up fills and defines the shape of your eyebrows giving a softer, more natural look than conventional pencil shaping or regular brow makeup.

    This procedure is perfect if your eyebrows are sparse from over-tweezing or shaving, or for those who have lost their brows due to chemotherapy, or alopecia, or any other medical condition.efinition to the eyes. Colour and thickness is individual.

    PERMANENT eye care