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    Why Consult a Hair Expert?

    It is sometimes said that ‘hair is the barometer of health’, and hair can certainly be a reflection of an individual’s lifestyle, indicating the stresses, tensions and variations in the body’s systems. But you may consider that a scalp or hair condition is something that you would not wish to trouble your doctor with.

    That is where the hair expert comes in: as a hair and scalp specialist, the hair expert will understand your concerns and will usually be able to help.


    At VTC, we ensure that each patient will, where necessary, be given as much as an hour of the hair expert’s time in the initial consultation and diagnosis, enabling a thorough examination of the hair and scalp to be made and a complete history to be taken.

    (What family doctor in a busy GP practice could give that sort of time to any patient?) The Hair Expert will take a holistic viewpoint, giving consideration to various aspects of lifestyle and diet, and care and management of the hair (including sensitivities and allergies suffered) before a suitable regime for the scalp and hair is recommended.

    There are other reasons, apart from hair loss, scalp problems and hair texture problems, that you might wish to consult a hair expert, one of which is for sound, professional advice on keeping your hair and scalp in good condition and thus avoiding many of these problems in the first place.


    As previously stated, an initial consultation is likely to last up to 30-45 minutes. During this time the Hair Expert will gather information about your health, family history, lifestyle, diet, and the like. It is useful to take with you to these first consultation details of any medications that you are taking and results of any recent blood tests that you may have had.

    It is only after this detailed questioning and a close examination of your scalp and hair that the hair expert will be able to make a diagnosis. However, it is not always possible to make an immediate diagnosis. It is common for scalp disorders to be diagnosed at the time of consultation, but hair loss problems may require blood tests, carried out privately by diagnostic labs recommended by the hair expert. Once diagnosis has been made, advice will be given, and only if thought necessary will treatment be offered.

    At VIVANDI Trichology Center, we consider this to be the most critical part of any treatment we perform. During the initial consultation, you will receive an in-depth microscopic hair and scalp evaluation with the most innovative hair analysis tool available in the UAE, the SKL analyzer. Through this assessment, the hair expert will be able to diagnose your hair loss issue, linking it to the cause directly.

    Based on the analysis, the Hair Expert will advise and recommend what we believe is the best way forward, but ultimately the decision to go ahead with any treatment is up to you.