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    How exactly does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Work?

    How exactly does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Work?
    How exactly does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Work?

    Hair loss is inevitable, unfortunately, many people, both men and women, will experience it throughout their lives at different stages in their timelines. While some people can begin to show signs of hair loss in their early 20s, some are lucky to not have to deal with their hair thinning until their older years, it all depends on genetics, health and other factors. No matter when you start noticing your hair loss, the truth is, it is a sad, distressing thing and often people find themselves in a difficult situation trying to recover their lost hair.

    In today’s day and age, there is a surplus of products in the market or methods that claim to reverse hair loss or restore hair altogether—but how do you know which option is right for you and that it will have the outcome that you wish to achieve? One method has stood out time and time again as being simple, fast, cost-effective and exceptional when it comes to enjoying a full head of hair again: Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

    How does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Works?

    As the name infers, the hair replacement procedure is non-surgical, non-invasive & virtually pain-free—in fact, the entire process only takes about 90-120 minutes from start to finish! Using natural human hair that matches your exact hair characteristics, your hair replacement system is made to replicate your existing hair, in terms of color, texture, etc. to give the appearance of a full head of hair as if growing directly from the scalp.

    When the right hair sample is found and a template of your head is created with a mould, the hair replacement will be custom-tailored to flawlessly fit the shape of your head. A medical-grade, hypo allergenic bonding adhesive is used to adhere the hair replacement on your head, which has been shaved and because of the way that the replacement is constructed, it leaves no visible presence, giving the impression of a natural hairline and seamless blend from the replacement to the existing hair that you may have. A totally undetectable and untraceable hair replacement system, if you will.

    Common Questions

    One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “how could this method of hair replacement stay secured on the head?” Most people, especially those who enjoy an active lifestyle are concerned that the hair system might come off if they work out, go for a run or sweat during summer season.

    Below are some of the most common questions regarding hair replacements and the answers to them:

    Will the adhesive begin to peel or lose its grip?

    No—the medical grade adhesive is resilient, meaning that it can get wet, be pulled on and can even be brushed like real hair. Hair system wearers can in fact, go swimming and not have to worry about it coming off.


    Will it irritate my scalp itchy or develop rash? 

    No, since the hair is made of natural human hair that is untreated by harsh chemicals and the adhesive used is hypo-allergenic and designed for that purpose. Additionally, we will evaluate your skin during the consultation in order to provide you with a system that won’t cause you any problems or aggravate any existing skin conditions.


    How long will my hair replacement last? 

    Non-Surgical hair replacement systems is not a single procedure that will last forever. Individual hair replacement systems have an average life span of 6 to 12 months depending on the kind of hair system, as well as how regularly and professionally it has been serviced.


    Will I be able to swim, shower, sleep or exercise with my hair system on?

    Absolutely, you can sleep, swim, shower, and exercise with the system on, we guarantee that the system will last through all weathers including hot and humid environments.


    If you’ve got more questions or just want to learn more about non- surgical hair replacement in as a worthwhile solution for enjoying a rich, full head of hair once more, contact Vivandi Trichology Center and schedule a FREE, confidential and stress-free consultation with one of our hair replacement expert.

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