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    Revive – A Revolutionary Solution to Hair Loss




    All women long to have thick, voluminous heads of hair. Due to hair loss and hair thinning, many women can’t naturally grow her desired locks. Most long-term hair loss solutions still require women to shave the tops of their head to attach hairpieces. Now, thanks to an innovative collaboration, there is a solution for women with intermediate to advanced stages of hair loss that does not require any shaving.

    The Revive top of the head hair extension system is a patent pending product revolutionizing the hair styling world.


    100% Remy Human Hair

    Hairpiece can be reused up to 8 times

    One size fits 99% of clients. The base is fitted to the parietal ridge and the head shape changes below that.

    Average Product Life: 6 to 12 Months With Proper Care

    With our impressive range of colors for our hair pieces, you will be able to find the right color to blend with your natural hair.